Twenty year old Cuban Poet Jose Maria Heredia traveled to Niagara Falls in 1824.
There he wrote his brilliant but sad poem Ode to Niagara. His face is seen
on a commemorative plaque placed on a stone wall near the brink of the Falls.

CCFA Niagara is a charter member of the Canadian Network on Cuba (CNC). The CNC is our national organization uniting similar Solidarity groups that operate independently across Canada. The network was formed to bring together Canadians who share affection for Cuba and Cubans. Your support will strengthen the ties that connect our two nations. For further information on the CNC click here   canadiannetworkoncuba.ca


CCFA Niagara

The CCFA Niagara undertakes to initiate and promote activity and continuous growth of friendship, understanding and co-operation between the Canadian and Cuban peoples.

Meetings and Cultural Events

Meetings are held regularly through the year and may include presentations on contemporary and historical topics such as aspects of Canadian and Cuban relations, the Cuban health system, social development, education, music and culture in general.

Over the years, the CCFA has brought to Canada some of the finest Cuban musicians, writers and films. Each year Canadians share in the cultural richness of Cuba through the Association’s celebrations of important Cuban holidays. CCFA Toronto annually hosts a Toronto-Cuba Friendship Day and our Chapter hosts an annual picnic for members and friends.

Amistad (Friendship) Newsletter

The Association’s bi-monthly newsletter is produced by CCFA Toronto to keep members and other interested persons or groups up-to-date with observations about developments in Cuba as well as the activities of the CCFA Toronto and other friendship groups. Readers are encouraged to send or write articles/notices for the newsletter. The newsletter is published six times per year. Click here for sample Amistad Newsletter.

Niagara Chapter Activity Highlights

CCFA Niagara was formed in the year 2000. Since that time the chapter has undertaken a number of successful activities. Some of these are:

  • Gathering and shipping much needed computers, pharmaceuticals, and school supplies to Cuba.
  • Provide assistance with occurring hurricane and other disaster relief.
  • Working with and supporting the Che Guevera Brigade, the Venceremos Brigade and the Pastors for Peace. Each year the Chapter assists young American Venceremos Brigade volunteers re-enter the United States after returning from Cuba.
  • Hold regular executive meeting for reporting, planning, presentations and discussion.
  • Hold public meetings with guest speakers to provide information and create greater public awareness.
  • Maintain a Speakers Bureau for community groups when requested.

CCFA Niagara Mission Statement

The CCFA Niagara undertakes to initiate and promote activity and continuous growth of friendship between the Canadian and Cuban Peoples. Our activities are directed toward the development of mutual exchanges in the areas of information, culture, health and education. We work in cooperation with other groups and individuals in Canada having similar aims and interests.